High Summer 19/20

Summer has arrived and the Elian galley will have fun at sea, take a boat trip, enjoy every minute with friends and build childhood memories. In this refreshing climate we present a collection full of color and fun.

News Flash! Fashion Beach

The sun and the sea are play partners in sustainable fabric clothing with PET bottle threads and UV+50 protection. It’s comfort and joy that never ends!

Elian Tropical 2019 Girls


Elian girls love an adventure full of fun and joke.

Elian Tropical 2019 Boys


The Elian boys really enjoy exploring new horizons and jokes.

Elian Tropical 2019 Boys

elian fun

The Elian line that brings different pieces, with lots of fun, interactivity and comfort.

Elian Tropical 2019 Life Colors

life colors

A life full of new things to discover with lots of color and fun.

Elian Tropical 2019 Beats


Beats is a young line that features cool clothes for this crowd full of style and attitude.

It's New Year's Eve time!

Looks chosen with affection to shine on this special night.

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Kids' clothing with comfort and high quality. Get to know the entire Elian Group catalog on our Venda Mais portal!