spring summer 2020

Being with friends and creating memories is the best part of childhood and Elian accompanies the children in this story. Each season a new adventure, new smiles, new experiences. This season the game is refreshing and the crowd will throw lots of water up.

Elian Tropical 2019 Girls


Tropical style, fluid modeling and vibrant prints.

Elian Tropical 2019 Boys


Nautical themes and prints with signs for a modern look.

Elian Tropical 2019 Boys

elian fun

Playful line full of interactivity to unleash the imagination!

Elian Tropical 2019 Life Colors

life colors

To enjoy every day without giving up comfort and design.

Elian Tropical 2019 Beats


Inspired by urban youth, full of brightness and good vibes.


The novelty of this season is the Elian Tweens line! Made for the lit and stylish bunch that already shows the world all its personality and attitude through looks.

hora do soninho

Come and dream with us! Elian’s line of pajamas has arrived. Sleep time can also be playful and fun with our patterns that glow in the dark.

elian baby

Kits of t-shirts, bodies, pants and accessories specially made to make newborns even more cuddly and comfortable.

Fashion film

father's day

Dad Sandro and his sons Rafa, Lucas and Mari, combine interactive prints that are just incredibly fun!

children's day

Special clothes to give as a gift on the best day of the year to spend unforgettable moments with family and friends!


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Kids' clothing with comfort and high quality. Get to know the entire Elian Group catalog on our Venda Mais portal!