winter 20

Let’s start the season with a lot of movement, because  children don’t stay still and, together with their friends, it’s all about fun. Elian presents a street-style winter collection, super comfy clothes that are perfect for a crowd that’s full of energy to spend.

Elian Tropical 2019 Girls


Elian girls love an adventure full of play and fun.

Elian Tropical 2019 Boys


Elian boys really enjoy exploring new horizons and games.

Elian Tropical 2019 Boys

elian fun

The Elian line that brings different pieces, with a lot of fun, interactivity and comfort.

Elian Tropical 2019 Life Colors

life colors

A life full of new things to discover with lots of color and fun.

Elian Tropical 2019 Beats


Beats is a young line that presents cool clothes for these ones full of style and attitude.

Elian Fun

Elian has a playful and full of interactivity line that will unleash the imagination of our children, with special clothes.

Fashion film

Mother's day

To celebrate a super special Mother’s Day, Elian photographed the digital influencers @camilagsguario and @suhriediger combining their outfits with their families!

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